Obesity Awareness Campaign

Design, Production & Management

Health assessments, education and complimentary consultations.

After our latest film project for Bidaya Health focused on obesity management and awareness, we deployed a Bidaya roadshow to different locations in the UAE through our interactive kiosk solution and health consultants.

Full activation design, production and management by dotbeto

Our software included a BMI calculator, information on surgical and non-surgical solutions, a lifestyle scoring game with a health-o-meter, as well as a data collection form to book a free consultation with one of Bidaya's health experts.
Interactive Kiosk
Custom-made software for self-assessments
The interactive kiosk was composed of three main features: an interactive display with a custom-made software for self-assessments; a weight scale and height measuring area to calculate BMI; and a front graphic with a call to action and QR codes for easy access to Bidaya's web and social pages.