'Looking Glass' Might Have Just Invented the GIF's 3D Successor
On June 15th, 1987, CompuServe introduced the GIF, a way to share images — or animated sequences of images — anywhere. The incredible portability of the late Steve Wilhite's "graphics interchange format" made it the perfect canvas for viral memes.

Now, a company called Looking Glass is trying to make holograms effortlessly portable, too.

"Imagine we're in a parallel universe and every movie ever shot was shot in color, but every human being was watching in black and white," says Looking Glass co-founder and CEO Shawn Frayne. "That's the situation we're in with 3D."

That's why his holographic display company is introducing the Looking Glass Block: a new image format that lets you peek inside a 3D scene, even if you're viewing it on a normal flat screen. It's built on web standards so you can view them in any modern web browser, much like a GIF or JPEG.

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