Physical Retail is Back. And This Time it's Sustainable
Luxury retail stores are getting a sustainable makeover. Linear over-consumption is out. Care, repair and community are in.

Selfridges is hosting a car boot sale this week; while Harrods recently brought repair and alterations services in-store. In Paris, Le BHV Marais is exploring childrenswear resale with its Kids O'Clock pop-up. In New York, performance outerwear brand Arc'teryx's new store gives a quarter of the space over to repairs, refurbishment and upcycling. "With the rise and ease of e-commerce, we have forgotten the benefits of the brick-and-mortar shopping experience in reducing waste by simply being able to try on an item, getting a proper fit from the start, or deciding an item isn't right and reducing waste generated from returns," explains Julie Gilhart, chief development officer at Tomorrow London. "Even with growth and adoption of virtual try-ons nothing compares to seeing how an item fits in-person."

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