Dubai Holding
"Changing Environments"

Film Production
We are proud to share our latest brand film for Dubai Holding in collaboration with Kalian Branding: "Changing Environments".

By highlighting the diversity of DH's portfolio & impact through its people, sense of belonging and different takes on the same subjects, the brand video evokes emotion and brings to life 'For the Good of Tomorrow'.

Shot throughout 5 days, involving +50 crew in over 16 locations, the film takes us through a series of walking subjects approaching the camera while their environments change one step at a time. Both subjects and environments are diverse and contrasting. The mixture of both elements acts as a virtual window into the multi-faceted reality of Dubai Holding.

The technique used in the film is incredibly powerful and engaging. It is a great way to showcase different locations and this fits perfectly with one of the objectives of the film which is to show Dubai Holding's diversity of people, places and industries in a dynamic and engaging format for the viewer.
Dubai Holding's logo is a very recognizable tick which is shown 3 times in the film, whenever we break out of the technique into a more cinematic scene. It is also used as a transition which makes it part of the film and not just a graphic element.