experiential brand activation

Lift & Learn Global Activation

Design, Development & Production
Our Lift & Learn global activation consisted of an interactive product display solution which allows customers to explore and compare different products easily and smoothly.

The activation was deployed in 9 different countries around the EEWAA region: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates.

The activations varied from market to market, all with their respective SKUs and languages. The executions ranged from interactive trailers used for road shows, to self standing units (FSUs) and permanent fixtures at training and development centers.

The pucks, which were fully customized and manufactured using 3D printing technology and NFC sensors, served as the tactile tool to engage builders. Each sensor is linked to a specific product, which when is lifted showcases a specs sheet; these can be easily compared between one another when lifting multiple puck sensors.

With this solution, all product specs are analyzed and compared under the good, better, best Grundfos product categorization motto of hydraulic pumps. Lastly, users are prompted to leave their contact details to stay keep in touch with the local teams for future communications as a sales tool support.

Lift & Learn Digital Experience
Custom-made hardware and software

When the user lifts a puck, they are able to see more information about that product item on the screen. If the user lifts another product, those products will be compared.
Lift & Learn Digital Experience
Custom-made hardware and software
The Software
Since this activation was done in different countries, we created a custom CMS that allowed each market to update and adapt it to the different languages and select the different products available that they'd like to be displayed on the screen. This provides a high level of adaptability and flexibility for the Lift and Learn solution to be deployed globally, while still remaining relevant to the local needs and demographic.