GITEX Global 2022's Most Futuristic Pavilions
The 42nd edition of GITEX GLOBAL happened in Dubai, UAE, on October 10-14. Data here of attendees etc. spanning 26 halls and two million sqft of exhibition space,

Before we dive into the pavilions, we want to highlight some honorable mentions. These are innovations that did not go unseen and truly showed the dynamic power and possibility of technology.

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Honorable Mentions

1. Xpeng's Flying Car
XPeng Motors held a presentation of the X2 flying car. The demonstration in Dubai featured the public takeoff, flight, and safe landing of the fifth-generation X2 "flying automobile."
2. RTA's Driveless Taxi

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) demonstrated the futuristic driverless taxis. Next year, Cruise Origin taxis will be made available as a service, making Dubai one of the pioneering cities.
3. Swiss-Mile's Surveillance Robot

This four-legged robot can carry up to 100kgs, has a speed up to 20 kilometers per hour, and is waterproof with up to a meter depth. It can stand on two legs in humanoid mode and can be used commercially in surveillance in large-scale inspections of buildings, or search and rescue.

"It is perfect in a situation where you would not want to send a human, such as a building on fire or that is unstable," said Marko Bjelonic, from Zurich-based Swiss-Mile.
Now let's explore the pavilion highlights of GITEX Global 2022 that truly stood out from the crowd in terms of state-of-the-art technology use, pioneering initiatives, and impressive stand design.
1. etisalat by e&

e& had a very impressive stand showcasing disruptive technologies they have been working on.
etisalat Photo Gallery:
Images from e&, Farez Dahir, and dotbeto.
2. Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality went full force this GITEX, introducing pioneering smart projects that cater to the needs of Dubai's residents and contributes to enhancing their happiness and well-being.
Dubai Municipality Photo Gallery:
Images from Dubai Municipality
3. Saudi Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia is showcasing its digital transformation through smart solutions at the Saudi Vision 2030 stand, under the slogan "Absher for a safe homeland".

We get to see how this initiative achieved digital transformation at a ministry level, enhanced security and reduced all forms of crime. We also get to see the ministry's efforts to achieve sustainable development.
Saudi Vision Photo Gallery:
Images from ITP and dotbeto.

4. The Orbit

Digital Dubai has an immersive storytelling experience titled "The Orbit", telling the story of Dubai and the future it holds.
The Orbit Photo Gallery:
Images from ITP and dotbeto.

That concludes our wrap-up of GITEX Global 2022! This year surely raised the bar of what to expect out of the international exhibition. We're already buzzing for next year's edition and can't wait to see what it holds in store.